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Hello! We have a working boat for fishing and the auction Black Desert Online, working on Europe servers.

The products are very high quality and functionality: automatic input captures, trouble-free operation, avtosmena rods and more. Due to the high competition in the game Black Desert, is to resort to the use of such programs, which provide you with free time. You can, for example, leave the house running a boat for fishing and himself to go to the office to work.

Many guilds are exactly our software!

It works only on 1 PC (bound to HWID). If you change Windows, by removing the program or flew hard drive — it will not work, it will have to buy again, in this case discount.

Bots are sold by invitation only, to learn more about the programs, otpishite manager specified contacts:

Contact buy bot BDO

значок icq 447363789
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